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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing for the Best Results

Traditional media such as newspapers, television, magazines, radio, direct mail, tele-calling, theaters ads, promotional events are now the conversation starters and then most of you would have experienced, people want to know where to go online to get the rest of the information about the product or services or to download a trial version of it. In other words, it is not "traditional" vs. "digital," its "tradigital" that will get the best results. The role of Traditional media has changed after the arrival of digital media and it can do wonders if it is integrated well with the digital media.

A digital marketing plan should never be finalized without having a complete strategy for leveraging the traditional media and the vice-versa. A good solution provider should have experienced team members in both traditional and digital media planning and execution with seamless integration.

Marketing continues to evolve rapidly, brands and agencies should rethink their marketing strategy, brainstorm and hammer out a customized and results oriented Marketing Road map in consultation with the experts in the integrated marketing approach. That will help you optimize your tra-digital (traditional and digital-social media) marketing mix, acquire customers more efficiently and increased sales and ROI.

A comprehensive strategic marketing plan should involve all the stakeholders within the organization in order to bring the synergy in the brand story and effectiveness. The plan should clearly define the leverage points - the factors which influence the desired objectives including target market, USP, pricing & positioning strategy etc. and integrate the traditional and digital marketing for the best results.

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Khalid A. Khan
Twitter: @khalidak

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