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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can you spend your entire life living out of a hotel room?

I have found many people who think a personal website is something only celebrities and public figures should have. And majority of them  use various social media platforms to present themselves to the outside world.

We all know that in any of these social media platforms you have no assurance that it will remain as it is for ever. Though most of these platforms claim to protect your privacy, but how many of us are savvy enough to protect our privacy using the features available. Things can change on such platforms with or without notice. Depending fully on the social media platforms to maintain your digital presence is similar to living out of a hotel room for your entire life. In the physical world, no one considers hotel as their home. Every one tries to buy a piece of real estate as early as possible, which they can call their own place. Where they can build their own house. Have the interiors and the furnishings done as per their own tastes. Something that will remain yours forever. It is your address on this planet, which you do not share with others. Similarly in the digital world, one needs to have that piece of real estate. An address in your actual name, where you can showcase your achievements, the value you bring into the society in different fields: academic, professional, societal, personal etc. If anyone in need of your expertise, can search and find you in the digital world.

The great news is, the price of the real estate in the digital world is not even a fraction, when compared to that of the price of physical real estate. You can get the address (domain name) and a piece of land (space to host) both in around $20an year.

Claim your name on the web as soon as possible by registering the domain name in your own name if available; else pick up the closest to your name that is available. Something that is available today may not be there tomorrow.

I am not for a moment suggesting to stop using the social media platforms, I am present in most of them and a large part of my time is spent on those platforms, but I clearly understand the difference between a hotel room and that of my own home. 
Let me know your thoughts 

Khalid Abdullah Khan

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