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Thursday, February 7, 2013

“First Impressions Matter and They are Often Online Today”


In today’s competitive environment where consumers and businesses have many options, it has become a norm to do an online search before actually spending time in physically meeting the person, walking into a shop, hiring a candidate, voting for someone and other similar decision making. Certainly people are googling you, your product and your services. If they find favourable results, it’s much better than if they find unfavourable results or nothing at all.     

In just 9 years Facebook has crossed 1 billion registered users last year and the professional networking site Linked in crossed 200 million users early this year. This tells us that social media can’t be ignored even if we personally don’t like it since the people and businesses that matter to us are there on these platforms.  

We are organizing a workshop "Getting the MOST from Social Media for your Business & You". Benefits of attending this workshop would include, How to make a favourable first impression online, How to protect the privacy and use the social media without a fear, How to promote, generate lead, acquire customers in the most inexpensive way, and How to build trust with the people and organizations that matters to you. We will provide details in the next post.

Khalid A. Khan

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