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Monday, March 4, 2013

Don’t Fire Your Sales Person Yet, He May be the Best

Imagine a situation where you are the world’s best sales person and you had just delivered a nice and professional presentation about your product or services to a hot potential buyer and had a warm handshake before leaving their office. What do you think the first thing your hot lead will do once you start walking towards the exit?

Almost instantly your potential buyer looks at your business card and searches for your company name (not your website) in Google. Your potential buyer wants to check your credibility, reputation, how has been your dealing in businesses, whether they can trust you and do business with you etc. They would not go to your website but they will be looking for this information from the sources beyond your control.

As part of our research on Online Reputation for companies in SME sector, we found the following:

When we googled the names of companies, we found half of them got their websites listed in the first page and then 99% of them got some web directory listings in the first page. Getting the website in the search result when someone searches for your company is great but it is a fact that website is a kind of advertisement, where YOU talk about YOU. Which is only good if some one is looking for information such as, what you do and how to contact you. But if someone wants to check your reputation, your website is not the place they go to.

Reputation Management ensures many things including the following:

  1. You have all the positive footprints on the internet, either there are no negatives or it is so low in the list that no one would be able to reach that page easily.
  2. You(your company) are an expert in your industry and you contribute and share knowledge and your expertise in online communities as part of your social responsibility
  3. You(your company) are dynamic, responsive, caring and professional in your all dealings

So if you do not get a call back from your leads after your best of the sales presentation, then it is high time you need to check your online reputation rather than firing your sales person.

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