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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Is your agency pushing you to buy ads?

The best ad agencies don’t push to sell you ads. It is very rare that your marketing objective could be met simply by buying ads. If your agency is a specialist agency in the real sense, not an agent of media owner or a media owner themselves, they will take a holistic approach towards knowing your marketing objectives and ponder on how best to use resources in order to meet those objectives. They will ask many questions that you may not even find relevant, but in fact, those answers help them in arriving at a comprehensive media plan specifically made for you.   
In some case you may not need any ads to be bought. Your product or services may require two way communications, an engagement approach in which you need to explain the features of your product or services to the potential buyer. You may need changes to your website, your packaging, or you may need to sponsor an event or fundraiser or a social-networking idea. The ad world is changing. Business-as-usual advertising is becoming less and less effective. Customers demand a shorter span of return on ad spend. To compete, you may need to do some things differently than you have in the past. 
The businesses need to make sure their agencies understand Marketing is more than Advertising. Marketing resources go beyond advertising. Make sure your agencies are aware that many marketing weapons come at a fraction of the cost of buying ads.  Businesses need to remind themselves that the more media your agency get you to buy, the more they profit. What you need to make sure of is, that they’re using the right resources for your specific needs. The object of your marketing efforts is not to buy more media, but to create ideas that sell more products or services. Your objective should not be to outspend the competition, but to outsmart them.
A lot has changed in the past 10 to 15 years in which the businesses leveraged the internet and mobile revolution. The businesses have changed the way business is done, the buyers have changed the way they buy products and services and consume media. There is a need to change the way marketing and communication are conceptualized, planned, executed and measured. In the level playing field now, any business can grow up to the goal set by them, just they need to do the things that are needed to get there.

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