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Friday, March 29, 2013

Personal Branding is for YOU - No Matter You Are an Employee or Self Employed

It is an irony to note that even C-level executives working in reasonably big firms had not taken their personal branding seriously, leave alone the junior level employees. When you search for them on Google you do not find anything except their Linked in profile page and few more similar listings as far as the individual is concerned. When I talk to people in my seminars or in other networking events, those who work for someone always shy away from taking their own brand building seriously, Which is quite surprising to me.

Think of an accountant who writes a blog that is widely read about auditing, or a sales person who has attracted a big following online by tweeting out his store's latest deals, or a management consultant who leads a large LinkedIn group, or a lawyer of a law firm who tweets the latest legal news. They all are positioning their firms as an expert in that field, building a valuable source of referrals and recruitment prospects. How can an employer resist falling in love with such employees.

The another way of looking at it is this. Your personal brands would last longer than any single job or career. You ought to do justice with that.

Marcus Buckingham in his book 'Discover your Strength Now' says, most of the employees working in the companies are not working in their areas of strength due to various reasons.

Therefore by creating your personal brand and letting people know what you are good at, and adding value to the community is highly fulfilling and rewarding. It will bring you to fulfill your self actualization need that sits at the top of the need hierarchy in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. And this gets fulfilled only when you pursue your inner talent.

Start right now, from this moment you are going to think of yourself differently! You're not only an "employee" of XYZ Inc. You don't belong to any company for life. You are a brand starting today. Brand such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, Google. Start thinking like your own brand manager, ask yourself the same question the brand managers ask themselves, what is my product or service? Let everyone know about that. Share your knowledge, solve problems, answer questions and there are many things that can be done to make you a celebrity online. Your employer would love it.

So what are you waiting for, oh yes probably you are waiting to finish reading this article. So now go ahead and do what you love to do.

Khalid Abdullah Khan

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