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Thursday, October 23, 2014

US India Business Promotion

Under the fresh leadership of Mr. Modi in India and his subsequent visit to USA last month, a renewed interest and enthusiasm has been observed in both Indians and Americans alike to do business with each other.

We believe that India and United States have their unique characteristics. One is a global leader in science, technology, research and is the largest economy and on the other hand we have a country that has huge potential in terms of young English speaking work force, has huge market of over 1.25 billion people (one fifth of the world population). It is just an ideal situation for providing a bridge between these two countries to facilitate and make things easy for the businesses in both the countries to explore each other without an upfront cost.

USIndiaBiz is a unit of Brainchild Inc., a US and India based marketing and professional services firm that provides various business solutions and compliance services for start ups and small to medium sized firms. Its expertise in doing feasibility study, opening up new offices in different countries etc. in a fraction of the cost that is usually budgeted for, is enviable. Do contact them for any queries you may have in terms of registering a business, opening a new office, any kind of study, product launch in new markets or any kind of expansion or start-up. You will be pleasantly surprised with their expertise and capability.

Khalid A Khan

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